Mermaid Marine Agency, one of the shipping agent in Bangladesh offers a comprehensive range of port agency services, tailor-made for today’s liner and tramp vessels calling at Chittagong. MMA provides port agency services as:
• Owners General Agents
• Charterers General Agents
These services cover various types of cargo particularly; bulk, containers, RoRo, break bulk, project and heavy lift cargoes. MMA also provides services to protect the Owners interests by overseeing the role of the charterer’s agent and/or providing additional value added services.
MMA’s dedicated shipping professionals in Chittagong provide Principals with transparent, efficient, cost effective operations together with local and international marketing. MMA is committed to transparency and all fees are always negotiated in advance and there is never any hidden cost.
MMA’s in house expertise and market knowledge, supplemented by Group capability, ensure that ships at Chittagong complete their call with utmost promptness and without any unnecessary delay. MMA is committed to aggressively protect the business interests of its principals.
MMA has very strong relationship with the Chittagong Port Authority, Chittagong Customs, the Government Marine Department, and industry including stevedoring companies, and local labor organizations.
We are maintaining good contacts with all Main Line Operators working in Bangladesh and all Air Lines for cheaper rates to different destinations of the world.

Save time setting up your port call

You specify which services you want, and we have a common understanding of what is actually required You save time, as you only need to give us one set of instructions and we apply your requirements to all your port calls
That’s because our services are clearly defined. which reduces the risk of misunderstandings.

Customer service 

You have the option to use a dedicated person in your local Customer Service Centre who is reliable because they understand your needs takes time-consuming pre-arrival tasks off your desk ensures all port calls globally are handled appropriately.

Save time monitoring activities during your port call

Your tell us what information you need
You tell us how often you want it
Having the right amount of information at the right time improves your operational efficiency and we keep you informed.

Save time after you port call

You can get disbursement accounts in a standard format, the same across the whole world
You can trust us to collect all invoices related to each port call within a clearly defined time frame and you can more effectively control your costs